Nate Sherer Video Production has 30 years of experience in producing event video. We employ a staff of seasoned professionals, state of the art equipment and highly qualified editors. We are more than qualified to handle the requirements of your Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Parties, Social Events, Non Profit Events, Graduations, Tributes and many more...


Pre-production planning including client meetings and wedding rehearsals

Site Visitations

Appropriate equipment designation


3-Chip Digital Broadcast Quality Cameras as well as HDV Broadcast Quality Cameras

Aerial Video Available

Unobtrusive Multi-cam Cinematic Production


Digital Nonlinear Editing Suites

Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and many other digital editing and formatting systems

Creative and Talented Professionals

AfterEffects Compositing

Multitude of Effects and Filters

Creation of DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Media