Nate Sherer

Nate began his video production company in 1983 after recognizing his passion for the field. Since then he has gone on to produce thousands of videos for his ever expanding client base. His production experience dealing with event video is unparalleled in the region, and he continues to instill his experience and vision in his team.


The Team


Dennis Pry

A graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Dennis Pry was honored with the best portfolio award for his major in 2015. Since then, Dennis has been working for Sherer Video Productions. He enjoys working with the Sherer team to develop projects from pre-production all the way to distribution! While he is partial to cinematography, he enjoys all aspects of video production.

Dennis has had the privilege of working on a wide array of different video styles, including television commercials, documentary, narrative and live events. Some of the companies and organizations Dennis has worked for include: Carnegie Mellon University, Wesco, American Middle East Institute, Jita-Cam, Racer X, and Sherer Video Productions.

Chris  Schwab

A graduate of Point Park University, Chris Schwab has a great passion for stories and their tellings.  With each project he undertakes, he seeks to find the best way to tell the story.  From Adobe Premiere Pro to After Effects, Chris has experience in many, if not all, fields of video post-production including editing, color correction, and sound design.  While his particular area of expertise lays in editing, Chris enjoys the unique challenges each project represents and continually works to improve his skills so that each project he takes part in reaches its full potential.
Chris has worked on a wide and varied range of videos, from the educational and informative to videos aimed more to marketing and advertising, as well as few short narrative pieces. Some of the companies and organizations Chris has done work for include: Carnegie Mellon University, Old Fort Niagara, the University of Buffalo, RoboMatter, Matanience Tech Inc., and Sherer Video Production.